If you have seen “Dirty Dancing”, then you’ll understanding the significance of this web address.    My mom and I love love love that movie.  This fact is something that I have always found amusing because she is perhaps the most conservative person that I know.  But I digress…

Christmas has come and gone and I am now back in Austin.  Happiness to me is being able to spend some time with those I love and then being able to retreat to my own little space.  I am truly an introvert in every sense of the word.  The selfish part of me thinks that I would make a great hermit, but I know that I am not here to simply lather-rinse-repeat the same day, everyday.  There is something bigger and one of my hopes for 2016 is that I will be able to find renewed joy and purpose.

I am ready to do the hard, ugly work.  There is sure to be stumbling along the way.

Welcome to my dance space.



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