whole 30

Have you heard of Whole30?   It’s 30 days of eliminating just about everything from your diet except for vegetables, meat, eggs, healthy fats, nuts, and a few other goodies.  I did my first Whole30 back in July of 2012.  It was somewhat difficult at first but once I started to feel fantastic, I never looked back.  That was, until a few months later.  Slowly, little treats started sneaking back into my life and bam–there I was feeling crappy, lethargic, and just not 100%.

My sweet college friend Allison is leading up a Whole30 along with a doTerra cleanse starting on January 11th.  I am not doing the doTerra portion yet {only because I didn’t order the kit in time} but I am doing the Whole30 starting January 4th.  I’m excited and ready to take this on again.

The first time I did it, I was hoping to figure out some health stuff.  I have a wonky thyroid, some autoimmune conditions, etc.  What I found was that eating strict Paleo gave me amazing, consistent energy and a happier disposition in general.  Things that would have normally bothered me didn’t get me all worked up when I was eating that way.  My moods were even.  My cycles were downright pleasant.

But, life happens and I allowed myself to fall off of the proverbial wagon.  I’ve done a few half-hearted attempts since that first one but now I am ready to tackle this challenge.  I am hoping to figure out some foods that cause me to be a little down.  Or some that may trigger my eczema.  I’m also eager to see how my CrossFit workouts are affected since I wasn’t working out much when I did it the first time around.

I am going to post daily about my progress and results, energy levels, and general feelings on the program.

Here’s to starting off 2016 on a healthy and happy note!


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