somewhere in between

Two years ago, I sold my first house.  I bought that house when I was 27 and desperately wanting to feel like a grown up.  I wasn’t getting married or having babies.  Buying a house seemed like the next best thing. If I’m being honest, I hoped that becoming a homeowner and painting the extra room {read: future nursery} in a nice, gender neutral color would have some type of “Field of Dreams” effect.

Well, 7 years passed and I was restless.  I sold the house easily but stayed at my school of 11 years.

But I was still restless.

I started applying for jobs and found a great gig in the Austin area.  Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually had the guts to move.  Now I’m here in this great city and am still wondering what is next.

I am glad that I moved and tried teaching somewhere else.  I now know that I love Austin but that I don’t love being a teacher anymore.  And that’s ok.

So now I am back to figuring out what the heck I am doing with my life.  This is never a position that I thought I’d be in.  The White Knight was supposed to have arrived several years ago to sweep me away from the working world so that I could rear our 2-4 children and stay at home.

Since he is still MIA, I’m moving forward.  I am working on revamping my teacher resume into something that translates seamlessly into the business world.  While I have no idea what I’m really doing or where I’m going, I know that it’s time.

My first task:  finding a passion.  This is easier said than done.  On my list of books to read is “Thank God It’s Monday”.  My dad gave me a copy and wants me to start this process by reading the book.  I trust him more than anyone so I will definitely start there.

Does anyone really ever figure out what they want to be when they grow up?  I’m not sure.  All I know is that I owe it to myself to find out if there is something else waiting to be explored.

Until then, I’ll be found somewhere in between.




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